Frequently Asked Questions

High Country Kombucha is a pure, authentic, living, probiotic beverage.
Authentic Kombucha is true to its origin using only probiotics and culturing techniques that have been passed down for over 2200 years.
High Country Kombucha is handcrafted and proudly produced with only real organic roots, herbs and juices. This same commitment to quality is consistent with our ingredients and packaging.
High Country Kombucha is packaged in amber glass to protect the probiotics from harmful UV or florescent light found in most retail/grocery coolers.
All real Kombucha is made from a base of tea, water and organic sugar. Most of the sugars are consumed by the probiotics during the culturing process prior to the bottling.
High Country Kombucha is cultured and bottled in the Colorado Rocky Mountains. We take pride in the clean and pure environment we grow our cultures in.
High Country Kombucha sources its water from our local Moser Spring. When you’re talking about pure, it doesn’t get any better than that!
Z. Kombuchaensis

These strains of beneficial probiotics are only found in authentic Kombucha.

High Country Kombucha is a great beverage for any time of the day. Every Kombucha drinker has his or her favorite time to enjoy.
Every Kombucha drinker is different, but listen to your body and drink for life.
Due to the acidic nature of High Country Kombucha there is no real risk of it going bad. Warm bottles tend to have more effervescence and probiotic activity, though most Kombucha drinkers enjoy it chilled.
High Country Kombucha is an organic source of healthy living cultures, which are beneficial for a healthy digestion.
High Country Kombucha is a raw culture that is very vibrant and can be used to create your own homegrown culture. Many homebrewers prefer HCK due to its authentic flavor and the way it makes them feel.